Tuesday, June 23, 2009

People Who Post On YouTube Videos And The Like

I really want to meet the people who post on youtube videos saying things like “this video was awesome lol” or “he’s the bomb go get em!!!!” or “I laughed till I was red in the face”. Why do they think that someone they’ve never met and will never meet would care about such an inane, senseless comment as that. It’s almost dehumanizing; their comments are so cliché and predictable it makes me not view them as a human being… they’re just some username out there on the  internet.

I don’t like or use the word “loser” much but I think this is a very appropriate circumstance: most of these people are just losers. It’s one thing to be a loser it’s another to try to salvage yourself by doing even more loserish things and posting on the internet without an identity. It’s also just about the epitome of people waiting for their turn to talk; most of these people (minus the ones who get into “youtube fights” which I will discuss in a different post) don’t’ even read other people’s comments, they just post theirs and hope other people read theirs.

The public journal and blogs are perhaps somewhat toolish (this is awkward…) but at least the things they post have meaning, something that can help someone, or at the very least something to affirm their humanity (“today my brother was in a car crash” or something like that). But the stupid comments on youtube and the like that have no purpose... come on, America. Come on, the world. Get your act together. Perhaps there have always been this many stupid people and the internet just makes it all the more obvious. Unless you have poor eye-sight, trouble seeing obvious things, or read things from bottom to top, you have already noticed that I attached a screenshot of a typical useless youtube comment thread that I found, without looking very long, on a Britney Spears music video. In no way is it special, unique, or even the perfect example of what I am talking about, but the fact that I found it in less than a minute shows how prevalent this inanity is. Also note there are 25,646 total comments on this one video. I wonder how many of those comments actually served any purpose to anyone.

This video I just found sums it all up pretty well:

We Didn't Start the Flame War from Nazzer1991 on Vimeo.


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