Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great Article On Awkwardness

Here is a really good (and brief) article written by a friend of a friend of mine who goes to Bowdoin. I agree with most of his points, which is pretty awkward considering the name and topic of this site is awkwardize and that's exactly what his article said we should not do (although for the record, the URL was already taken, and I don't use the word "awkwardize" very much as a command/action verb). He does have a great point that in most situations we should not anticipate and fear awkwardness (and hence avoid "awkward" situations at all costs) but rather just say yes to ideas and go with the flow. Perhaps the problem (and the reason many situations are awkward) is most people aren't willing to do this, even if you yourself are.

I guess I'll say as a mission statement that for however much I love thinking about and studying social situations (especially awkwardness) it is not my dream that we all be paralyzed by awkwardness; in fact, I'm an idealist who dreams of a world with no awkwardness and this is why I am fascinated so much with it (just as a world health leader is fascinated with disease).