Friday, August 28, 2009

Two Very Awesomely Awkward Prank Wars Videos

These are two of the videos on a prank war series between Amir and Streeter who work for college humor. If you haven't seen the entire prank wars, I highly recommend it for the general sake of awesomeness but also so you can see the quick escalation of things getting out of control. These two I share with you for their awkwardness value:

Prank War Continued: Streeter Bombs from Amir on Vimeo.
Jeez, I can't imagine anything more brutal. I've always said that a stand-up comedian takes more self-confidence than any other job (besides President of the US maybe). Just imagine if it was your job to be funny: I think that's something that's awkward in itself especially if you aren't any good at it. Unlike most jobs, being funny is an integral part of everyday life so if your boss/agent keeps telling you you suck or people don't like you, it kind of is personal. Even though he gets told it's all a joke at the end, I think that 2 minutes of hell would scar me for a while and I don't think I'd have the confidence to go on stage again for a while, just knowing how brutal an audience could be (despite knowing this particular audience was part of the prank). Now imagine if he was never told it was a prank: personally, that would shatter my confidence for a lifetime and I would pick another career. Good thing I'm not a stand-up comedian and I can just hide behind this blog without having to face people's reaction (or lackthereof).

It's also great to watch him constantly regather himself through each trial and error. It's very respectable, but at the same time hilariously awkward, that he'll tell a joke, no one will laugh and then he'll jump right into another topic with an attempt at reinvigorated enthusiasm. Even after he calls out the audience member who keeps saying he's fat and says "you wanna get up and try this?!" he keep telling jokes even after that! That's brutally awkward because at that point, you've already declared the audience your enemy in a profession where the sole goal is to get them to find you funny (which usually requires them to like you). After that, it becomes a mere economic exchange of, "I paid $10 for you to make me laugh for 15 minutes. Make me laugh and I won't ask for my money back." Comedy just doesn't, and can't work that way. Long story short, if something remotely like this ever happens, unless you're as smooth as James Bond, you better walk of stage because your act can't recover from that.

Prank War: The Yankee Prankee

Unlike all the other pranks, this one is unstoppable. What I mean by that is even if Streeter realized it was a prank while "Marry me!" was up on the big screen (which he probably did) there would be nothing he could do. In the previous prank with the silent audience for the comedy act, if he had realized it was a prank he could have walked off stage early with his confidence at least somewhat intact. However the entire point of this prank is that suddenly the idea to marry his girlfriend is interjected between them and the only way to avoid marrying her on the spot (which he must do unless he is going to change his life plans based on a prank) is to actively say to her, "This announcement was a mistake/joke. I do not want to marry you right now." Which he does (using the F-bomb might I add). As a result, he gets a fresh one on the face and humiliated/awkwardized in front of 1000s of fans.

It'd be pretty hard to restore the relationship after something like that, especially considering they had been dating for 3 years. If it was within the first 2 months or something, he could have laughed it off as his friend's prank and said "well obviously I'm not ready to marry you now" (implying the possibility in the future). However, since they've been dating 3 years, the fact that he says no to it now, pretty much means it's never gonna happen, because after 3 years most people have a good sense of where the relationship is headed. And what girl would want to stay with a guy that specifically knew for a fact he didn't want to marry her? ...awkward...

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