Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great Bill O'Reilly Moments

I love when he says "you want anarchy!" This gets out of control. Pretty awkward: straight up fight on TV, minus the fists. I wonder if they shook hands or had a little friendly chat about their kids once the cameras stopped rolling after the interview (if you can even call it that).

In this video Bill O'Reilly just can't admit he's wrong. Come on, he's trying to trick a little kid who picked up on a rather subtle historical mistake into thinking Bill O'Reilly doesn't make mistakes... pretty pathetic. Man up and admit you confused your words- don't try to argue against a categorical fact. A mistake like that is not a big deal but trying to talk down to a kid like that and not admit you're wrong kind of is.

By the way, sorry if I'm being "the youtube guy" (that guy who constantly sends you 7 minute youtube videos that are completely not worth the time and effort of watching and paying attention). I just feel like most people would rather watch a video than read an article. Also awkwardness and other social and philosophical concepts that concern this blog are often best understood when seen in person rather than described. And of course the next best thing to seeing in person is video. Lastly, I figure the Bill O'Reilly videos balance out the Bill Maher videos: now I've had a stab at both Bills (sort of) so you can't accuse me of being even anywhere on the political spectrum, let alone on one side. 

Their politics do not interest me but their awkwardness does.

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