Friday, October 30, 2009

More Awkward Moments On Facebook

Could this be more awkward (this situation in general is one of the more awkward ones in life, although awkward feels like such a superficial word to use about death)? And Jason, really no need to get in on the action and add insult to injury- the awkwardness of the situation speaks for itself (in fact, you're being quite the asshole by using this awkward and terrible situation as a way to self-righteously and publicly condemn someone for a stupid, yet rather innocent and innocuous mistake.)

What a meathead. This picture serves two lessons. Moms, don't use facebook and guys, don't accept your moms friend request. Secondly, even if the mom didn't get in on the action, it's exceptionally toolish to post that you got with some girl last night on your facebook status (does this statement even need defense or explanation). Is this what the world is coming to? Would you really make an announcement to your school assembly about hooking up with a girl last night after a long drought? That's what you're doing, except you can appear less desperate and toolish because you're hiding behind the screen and facebook statuses have become such a "casual" (and therefore "whatever man") thing.

I love the guy's last comment- so matter of a fact.

This is why I hate statuses- if you didn't want 43 people to "like this" (which I agree is creepy) why did you post it in the first place? Did you want them to not like it? Did you want them to read that you were in the shower and then say to themeless (or perhaps publicly on facebook to you) "I don't like this fact." Did you not want them to read it at all? (If so, why did you post it for the world to see?) These people who use Facebook as this pathetic egocentric mechanism for constantly updating others who don't care (or shouldn't care) about the most mundane and insignificant ins and outs of their lives need a slap across the head. What possible value could it be to me to know that you were in the shower? I don't give a shit!