Monday, January 18, 2010

Second User Submission!

Great awkward moment presented by someone who requested to remain nameless. I would like to encourage you all to email me whenever you think you've had a worthy awkward moment and need a medium through which to vent and a place to be heard. Here at awkwardize, we understand. Without further ado:

"I recently had to participate in a research study by a psychology graduate student. In order to pass any psychology class, one must do a certain number of hours of these studies. The first 3 studies were not so bad.

But for the fourth one, the lady was seeing how much two strangers who had just met trusted each other. The lady handed the two of us a sheet with 8 questions on it, such as “What are you most scared of in life?” When she left the room, we were to answer five of these questions in the five minutes before she came back.

My partner in the study was a nice guy, and we both recognized we didn’t really want to be there. So we answered every question with one-word answers and moved quickly. We were done within two minutes. Three minutes to chatter away.
But I had just met this guy and wasn't sure how to begin. I waited for 15 seconds. Then I realized I’d waited too long and he clearly would have realized I felt awkward because I had hesitated so long. I didn’t have anything to say, but in an effort to incite some collegial male bonding, I let out a hefty grunt.

It’s not like he should have said anything in response. I suppose I just expected a grunt in return and I would have said “This thing is so stupid” allowing us to talk about how we didn’t want to be there and what class it was for, and then we could talk about why we were taking the class and what our prospective majors were and boom the door would open and the lady would say “Thanks for the study!”

But there was just three minutes of silence. Pure, classic, painfully awkward silence. I would move my head around as if to be looking really intently at something on the wall, observing every corner of the room. I would pick at my watch. I would tap a paper against the edge of the table. I would look at my hand and then widen my eyes to act as though I had found something perplexing in my fingernail. I would yawn and stretch my arms out to act like I was really tired, even though I had gotten 10 hours of sleep. Finally the three minutes were over and I was free when the lady walked in.

But we had 2 more of these exercises to do."

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